About Me

Personal Photo.jpgMy passion for interior design started at the age of twelve, when my mother allowed me to select a wall covering for the powder room in our family home. The wall covering was a very richly coloured and decadent, stylized peacock feather design and turned the tiny, boring powder room into a unique and luxurious jewel box. After seeing the magnificent transformation, my fate as an interior designer was sealed!

I was born and raised in Vancouver and have lived in North Vancouver for the past 30 years. Miccaro Designs was the natural evolution of my love of the fine arts and the interior design training that I received through the B.C. Institute of technology in Vancouver. With a strong background in various art mediums, many years of successful custom design with a local fabric house and a passion for home design, I'm able to blend creative talent and professionalism to create warm and inviting residential interiors. As an artist, I see the world very much in terms of light, balance, form, color and texture. Successful interior design celebrates all of these elements.

My educational background in design and fine arts and my 14 years of practical experience have taught me to view interior design as both an art and a business. A successful project is only one part creative vision. Other critical factors include open communication, strategic project leadership, organized and transparent business practices
and exceptional customer service.

It's imperative to understand that interior design is a collaborative process, in which the artistic sensibilities of the designer and the unique personality of the client merge to create an environment that is tailored to perfectly reflect the clients' individual needs, hope and dreams. By building close relationships with my clients, my talented trades people and suppliers, allows me the opportunity to provide the creative vision for many diverse and exciting projects. I am inspired by clients who are interested in pushing the envelope and working with visually exciting ideas.

I'm passionate about my work and I approach each project with imagination, careful attention to detail, restraint and a sense of humour. When my comprehensive knowledge and experienced eye is applied to your project, I will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Over the years I have come to realize that my greatest assets are my satisfied clients both past and present. Although every project is a unique journey, the results are always the same, a comfortably, elegant space that is a celebration of that particular person or family and the life that they live.

Interior Design...with YOU in mind