Curious how the "Design Process" works?

Here's the step by step process for each design service I offer, transforming any space into something you'll love.

Re: Divine "Full Service" Design

  1. First Things First,

    "Nice to Meet You" exploratory call.

    The first initial step is simple. We connect via phone and have the "Nice to meet you" exploratory design call. During this brief conversation, we'll chat about your design needs and additional details applicable to your project...whether big or small. We touch on budget considerations, timeline and lifestyle. This will help me understand if Full Service design is right for you. I will share a few details about the process, so you have a better understanding as to how things will unfold.

  2. Up Close and Somewhat Personal.

    In-home Consultation in Person with a walk through the project. This is the perfect time to get to know each other a little better as well as have a more in-depth discussion about your design style, wish list, functionality you are hoping for and the start of nailing down the budget. The word "Budget"...does NOT have to be a dirty word! It determines how we successfully proceed and make sure we are all on the same page moving forward. It's about how we make sure all the various puzzle pieces fit together to accomplish your dream.

  3. Let's Get this Design Party Started.

    "Design Fee Proposal" and "Design Agreement" are signed off. Once the Design Fee Proposal and Design Agreement are discussed and approved, now it's time for business. Once we have determined your specific needs and you have committed to the project, we work together to refine and determine the design direction. Finishes and styles will be explored and I will then present to you imagery and samples to help you get a better feel for what your new space will look like on completion.

    ( a 25% design fee deposit is collected)

  4. Putting your Dreams on Paper.

    Pre-Design Preparations begin on-site to take measurements required to complete the scope of work laid out in the Design Agreement. A floor plan is created that won't only look amazing, but combines elements of your wish list into the planning process. Plans incorporate fabric, furniture, floor coverings and accessories where applicable. Selections of proposed materials, finishes and fixtures are made. Once approved, items are documented in a specification package. Any required floor plans, electrical plans, finish plans and elevations are created. Any required millwork concept drawings are developed and approved.

    Presentation of the Design Plan. After a 2-3 week lead time, the preliminary design concept is presented to you through the use of design/image boards, 3D renderings, material samples and fabric swatches.

    I'm not happy until you are, so I'll keep tweaking until you are thrilled!

    (a 25% design fee deposit is collected)

  5. Grab your Hardhat

    The Design Implementation Phase starts with the collection of quotes for a General Contractor along with other additional trades and suppliers as required. I am happy to work with trades you've supplied, or to help you hire some of the trades people I consider to be an extended part of the Miccaro Designs team. The budget is refined as necessary and a full deposit is collected for approved purchases.


    Miccaro Designs is not responsible for any work preformed by external contractors, clients are responsible for engaging in additional contracts with each trade as needed.

    (a 25% design fee deposit is collected)

  6. Managing your Project

    Construction and Installation is underway. Throughout the entire process, I will check in on the progress of your project. I will be there to address trade questions and make sure that all the right materials are being installed as planned. All materials and products are brought to site and installed and everything is running smoothly.

    Any unexpected "Work Change Orders" or additional site visits not outlined in the scope shall be charged at an hourly rate of $125.00 hour.

  7. Getting All the Goodies

    Product and Materials are ordered. I will take care and effort to collect all the various goods that will be featured in your project. I will manage placing the product and material orders, arranging deliveries and inspecting products as they arrive and make sure that all the trades are clear on details for installation and specifications.

  8. 1

    Let"s Load it in

    This is when the magic really begins! All the deliveries are put in their proper place. Appliances, furniture, window covering, art & accessories help to make this space the new backdrop to your life.

  9. Tie Up Loose Ends

    Deficiencies be gone. I make sure that all the deficiencies are taken care of and all the t's are crossed and the "i's dotted. If there's anything left to get done, it will be taken care of it.

  10. The Big Reveal

    The dust has settled and it's finally time. Just remember to breathe. This is what all the blood sweat and tears were for. It's a celebration of all the talented team members that collaborated to make this dream come true. Time to live "YOUR" kind of beautiful!

    (FINAL 25% Design Fee collected)

  11. Lights, Action, Camera

    Can you say "Magazine Ready"! A request for a quick professional photo shoot to encapsulate another "Divine FULL SERVICE Design" before life is LIVED in your dream home!

Re: Drab to FAB "Design Consultations"

  1. "Nice to Meet You" exploratory design call.

  2. In-Home Consultation in Person is a one time, 2-hour personalized service designed to quickly and effectively assist you with whatever you are wanting to fix, change or enhance in a room or rooms. I will give you ideas and concepts to help you address your design dilemmas along with suggested various resources to help you take action on the things you want to get done.

    Taking notes is strongly suggested, so that you are left with a detailed "list of items" to help you get organized and closer to your decor finish line.


    Maximum 4 hours if more time is needed, payable at time of consultation. Refer to Services page for design fee related to this service.

Re: WOW Worthy "Styling"

  1. "Nice to Meet You" exploratory design call.

  2. In-Home Consultation in Person is where spaces are evaluated and a "decor plan" is created and used as guide to prepare for shopping and staging of the select space or spaces. This may include furniture, lighting, area rugs, decor accessories, art or plants. The budget is determined.

  3. I/We Go Shopping. Put on your running shoes, this will be a FUN Marathon!

  4. Staging is the name of the game. All items are placed and the space finessed. Any items not WOW Worthy are simply returned to the store.


    Refer to Services page for design fees related to this service.

Re: "IN-BOX Interiors" (Room Refresh)

  1. Email me with your design dilemma. This service is based on fixing your design dilemma in a particular room. Give me as much informative information as possible explaining what bothers you about the room and why it is not working for you.

  2. Send me photos of the 4 walls of the room. The photos of each wall need to be taken straight on (not from an angle if at all possible) and from a distance, so I can see the whole wall in the photos. The photos will help me understand what the room looks like as a whole.

  3. I use these photos as a virtual tool. The photos will be used to explain through a series of line drawings outlining details, my professional proposed recommendations. I will also include a written description supporting what I present in the line drawings and will send it back to you. Now its time to execute!


    1 week lead time for a design response, design fee payable prior to In-Box service provided

Re: "PRO-BUILDER" Interior Design Packages

  1. Initial meeting to discuss scope of service needed. We determine what design package will meet your individual needs, tailoring the scope as necessary, to support your project and team.

  2. Meet your clients when applicable. A comfortable collaboration is what it's all about, before moving forward on specific designs, selection of material and products.

  3. Work effectively to meet deadlines. This is imperative to make the project run as efficiently as possible so there are no cost overruns.

  4. Document select materials and products in a Finish Schedule. It's all in the details. A Finish Schedule will outline all materials, products & renderings to support the finished product. This provides a detailed outline helping to eliminate miscommunication among parties and a smooth construction process.

  5. On-site meetings are a must. I'm here to support your team and your client. I'm here to answer any trade/client questions as the process unfolds. It takes a cohesive team to ensure a positive work environment and a successful finished product.


    Design fee is customized to meet the project needs

Ready to invest in "your" most important place in your life?

If your interested in working with Michele, request your complimentary "Nice to Meet You" exploratory design call. We will chat about your vision, I will answer your questions and we can chat a bit about which service would perfectly fit your needs.