My Design Philosophy:

So what really matters to you about your home when you arrive there at the end of a day? You might tell me about the colors you love, the way you believe the furniture should fit just so, or how you want the drapes to look, like those in your favourite design magazine. I would agree with you...these things are great. However, at this point I would ask you to go deeper with your response.

Interior design isn't just about making all the right choices with finding the right accent chair or perfect decor pieces. The "interior" I'm talking about isn't just inside your house, it's about what's inside of your heart. The best interior design is inspired NOT by trends but by your needs, your dreams and the essence of you. This kind of design is as much about the discovery process as it is about the beautiful and inspiring end result.

Having said all that, I believe that good design can be achieved in every home, at every level, in any neighbourhood and can be beautiful and comfortable, regardless of square footage or budget. I believe that inspiration lives everywhere, if you only keep your eyes and heart open. I'm excited when a finished space reaches that magazine-quality design, however I'm delighted in my work when I know that the spaces re-imagined helps improve my clients quality of life, enables them to feel more relaxed, productive and fulfilled in their lives.

"Be at home in your own life".

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