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Elements of Style

Blog by Michele Buchamer | September 25th, 2009

Whether your design style is formal, casual, spare, or a funky mix, take a thoughtful look at the design elements and furniture arrangement in your space. Is your room in sync with your style? If not, use these tips to do a little redecorating.

  • Using Fabrics Creatively:

    Fabric weaves, finishes, and patterns express varying degrees of formality.
    Eclectic – linen is a good choice for eclectic rooms that are sleek yet casual.
    Casual – whether contemporary or country, dress sofas & chairs in the same
    textural denims, plaids & cottons you wear on weekends.
    Formal – matched fabrics convey a formal look, as do elegant silk, damask, and
  • Frame a View:

    Window treatments play a major role in building your style.
    Eclectic – loosely draped curtains express a casual, clean or eclectic look.
    Minimal – stick to unadorned shades, blinds or shutters.
    Formal – consider traditional drapes with flowing floor –to-ceiling panels,
    Valances & elegant trim.
  • Furniture Tells a Story:

    Tailor furniture for the way you want to use your space.
    Casual – Oversized roll-arm sofas & chairs with an abundance of pillows.
    Modern – 20th century classics such as Barcelona & Wassily chairs.
    Formal – antiques, reproductions featuring classic details such as camelbacks
    on sofas or ball-and-claw feet.
  • Factor in Texture:

    Most important to give visual interest and personality.
    Casual – rough textures such as berber carpet, natural fibre rugs, wicker furniture
    Work in casual & eclectic rooms.
    Formal – smooth textures such as lacquer, glass, mirrors and polished woods
    convey a sleek yet formal attitude.