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BIG IDEAS for small spaces

Blog by Michele Buchamer | March 28th, 2010

Small interiors can be challenging to decorate. It's important to find ways to maximize on important issues such as color palette, furniture layout, storage, lighting and accessorizing. Here are some ideas to maximize your small space.

*   Color - Ensure the theme of your space is reflected throughout your entire interior. Continuity allows a space to feel
     bigger: too many different styles and colors will overpower. Use a color palette offering different tones and shades of
     similar colors will create a sense of flow.

*   Furniture - Create the illusion of more floor space with furniture pieces that will help you do so. Choose pieces like a 
     glass tabletop and armless, leggy upholstered furnishings. In a bedroom, wall mounted bedside tables function
     well and contribute a feeling of openness to the room. In smaller spaces, the more that's up off the floor, the bigger
     the room feels.       

*   Storage - Improvise by using space in unexpected ways, like introducing a walk-through library in a extrawide hallway.
     Customize the space with built-ins that maximize vertical storage space...think floor to ceiling. Use a small scale
     ottoman with storage capabilites and floating shelves offer storage of collectibles but visually don't take up much

*   Lighting - Lighting is a key component in all interiors, but in small spaces it helps to enlarge the space by keeping it 
     light and bright. Directional track lighting that spotlights key pieces of art and architecture adds drama without taking 
     up physical space. Uplights cleverly hidden at the base or behind tall plants  or objcts opens up corners and washes
     diffused light onto the ceiling giving visual height to the space.

*   Accessories - Featuring one beautiful piece of art, heirloom piece, or treasured belonging will be more effective in a
     small space than a grouping of many different objects. For a clean, uncluttered look try small groupings with variations
     of height, repeating several objects such as decorative vases. Don't only buy small accessories. Buy some big pieces
     that have some significance. A grouping of mirrors or a large one strategically placed can make a small space much
     larger and lighter. Only display items you absolutely love.

Dare to dream big, use inventive solutions to maximize your space limitations!