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Renovation: Starting with the big Picture

Blog by Michele Buchamer | September 7th, 2009

Whether planning a major decorating project or just freshening up a bit, the first step in any successful redo is a little self-introspection. The needs of a family, for example, are completely different from those of empty nesters. So start by asking yourself a few questions.

  • Who will use this room?
  • Is it a space that’s utilized on a daily basis or one that sees only occasional use?

Part of the process, is to consider the architectural assets your room offers. A living room with a grand fireplace already has its own “built-in” focal point. In a space that’s nothing more then a square box, you’ll need to create a center of focus such as an armoire or eye-catching work of art.

  • What pieces do you own that will work in the new scheme and which ones will youneed to purchase?
  • Are there any physical restrictions for the furnishings on your wish list? The grand
    piano would be marvelous in the living room but will it fit through the door (or window).

Budget is a “big” part of the equation, it’s also important to prioritize. Not everything needs to be completed on your wish list at once, some of the best dressed rooms evolve over time adapting to the changing needs of you and your family.